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Guest Comments...

“I'm not sure what was best; the four hour three star dinners, the selected wine tours, the roaming countryside, the market or the birthday picnic.........actually I think it was the ease of seeing and doing so much in such a short a time. The amount of work and hustle you've put into it really showed. There's no way we could have done this on our own.”                                            

L. Daniels, Montgomery

 “We were most impressed with the individuality of the various chateaux we visited in that they represented the full spectrum of wine making technique and production capability. The common thread that ran between them was that they make the finest wines in the world.”
Judy, St. Paul, Minn.

 “We still have vibrant memories and excellent photos of what was to be the best trip ever...... and we've been on a lot. First of all the trip exceeded the anticipation. We have schemed of going to France several times over the past five years. Each time something prevented it but we still had lots of research experience. So our expectations were high.”
Willie Smith, AL

 “I especially enjoyed the dinners with the local chateau owners...”
 Janet Forcinel

 “We were also very impressed with the fact that you have ..... the genuine friendship and obvious respect of so many of the finest wine makers in the world. This, coupled with your absolute mastery of the French language made the tour all the more meaningful, and impressive for both of us.”
Frank Sandberg, Minnesota

 "....our private tours of Lafite and Mouton Rothschild, Suduiraut and Ausone were excellent......
Dave Rausch, Chicago

“I don't think that I would change a thing. The trip was a tremendous success and I look forward to doing another area of France with you again in the future.”
Rhonda; Montgomery, AL

“As you can tell by ratings and comments, you had 2 very happy people - thanks!”
 Dr. Josh & Susan Fried

"You organized a fabulous trip for us. Many years ago we took a Girl Scout troop on a multi-day trip, so, I can only imagine how much work it is to pick up 14 strangers and cart them around a foreign country on a schedule. You were on time, a wonderful companion, very knowledgeable about the wines and restaurants, and informative about the regions and sites we visited! You selected top tier chateaux, unbelievably delicious restaurants and I am still enjoying the photos from this wonderful trip. PS: the bus was roomy and I appreciated the extra room in a full sized bus!"
Fred and Molly Fant

I was particularly impressed with the reception we got at chateaux Domaine de Chevalier which Peter had a relationship with, and lunch there was very interesting. It was a great idea to add the Dordogne visit at the end as this was a wonderful change of pace.
Brian Thomas

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Avalon Wine Tours is the World's premier luxury wine tour operator leading tours worldwide since 1993. 

Why Avalon Wine Tours

A very special trip of the Bordeaux region which includes the members only Festival Banquet of the Confrèrie of St. Emilion. This private, six course, wine-trade only luncheon is accompanied by St. Emilion's finest wines and is not open to the public! Visit top chateaux in the Medoc, Graves and St. Emilion and enjoy meals by the finest chef of the regions.

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